Teeth Extractions

Teeth Extractions

When a severely damaged tooth no longer serves to be healthy among the rest will require a procedure known as tooth extraction. A tooth extraction typically involves getting rid of the damaged tooth along with its root from the gum. Tooth extractions are a vital procedure for inserting restorations to replace the lost tooth. 

It is important to remove wisdom teeth when there is no room for the teeth to grow. This may lead to pain, swelling or even impacted teeth. With sedation, we can perform wisdom teeth extraction surgery to save you the pain that these teeth may cause. Ask us what we can do to help alleviate your fears and concerns about this procedure.

Diagnosis and procedure of teeth extraction

Any diagnosis will start with an examination. Dentists will first plan out the procedure by taking an X-ray.  Accordingly, your dentist will plan the procedure for extraction.
An extraction may be done in two ways:
  • Simple extraction: A simple extraction is where the dentist will loosen out the tooth with an instrument and remove the damaged tooth with the help of forceps. This procedure can be done by a general surgeon.
  • Surgical extraction: Surgical extractions are performed by oral surgeons. A surgical extraction may be done when the teeth are difficult to be removed. It involves making small incisions in the gum and slowly removing the teeth.

When do we need extractions?

Patients will be recommended for extractions when they experience the following:
  • Blockage of the permanent teeth as the baby ones don’t fall off.
  • When patients require braces, they may have to give up on one or more teeth for its better alignment.
  • Any line of teeth that may come in the way of radiation for the neck may have to be extracted.
  • Teeth that may become infected must be removed in order to prevent further damage or loss of the surrounding teeth.
  • Patients who uses drugs due to malignancy of their system may end up having infected teeth which will have to be extracted.
  • Wisdom teeth that prove to be a source of pain or infection will need to be extracted.

What is important after a tooth extraction?

Our staffs are happy to provide continuous care and service to our patients by ensuring that the atmosphere is warm, positive and comfortable where they can relax after an extraction is done. Patients are requested to attend timely follow-ups with their dentist after an extraction. We encourage our patients to grasp and understand that the extraction, if surgical, is more or less like a surgery. Patients will be administered with sedatives and healing drugs to soothe the after-effects of an extraction. Patients will be guided by their dentist on methods to ensure that their teeth remain clean and well after a procedure. At our practice, we are careful and diligent to ensure that your follow-ups are done on a routine basis. 

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