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Redwood City Dental Now Offers 3D SCANS in Office

One way Redwood City Dental continues to ensure quality services for patients is with its new Kodak 9000 3D for CT scan and panoramic radiographs.

Redwood City Dental, located at 20 Birch St. in Redwood City, delivers top-quality dental services for patients in San Francisco and will continue to ensure high-quality care with the installation of the Kodak 9000 3D, which conducts CT scans and panoramic radiographs in the comfort of the dental office.

The Kodak 9000 not only provides 10 to 30 times less exposure to radiation than other dental 3D radiography systems but also provides better protection to patients due to its smaller, more localized field that targets only the jaw section.

The 3D imaging system also produces images in the finest of detail, allowing for even better patient care at a cost that is significantly less than regular dental CT scans. This equipment provides effective treatment plans for medical practitioners in relation to implant dentistry because it allows for evaluating the surgical area and being aware of the anatomical structures, including the sinus, IAN, ridge width. The Kodak 9000 will also educate and prepare the patient for pre-implant grafting options based on the quantity of bone required.


It offers:

  1. Superior Procedure Planning
    1. Image Quality – industry leading .076 mm voxel size
    2. Easy-to-use software that can be emailed to you to plan the implant placement in 3 D
    3. Highest resolution ( also used for endodontics scans)
  2. Fastest and most flexible workflow benefits
    1. Fast Scan / Reconstruction Time
    2. Flexibility in Software integration
  3. Optimal Patient Experience
    1. Lowest dose of any 3D machine
    2. Sectional scan (sextant) can be only done without full jaw scan

Redwood City Dental takes care of its patients and delivers high-quality service that improves patient care. Patients seeking dental attention can be assured that they will receive the best possible service.

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