Abrasion Fillings

Abrasion Fillings

With abrasion technology at Dr. Hanna’s practice, we can use drill-less fillings to correct tooth decay without the need for needles. With this procedure, patients are bound to experience a comfortable, drill-less filling.

What are fillings?

Orthodontists provide patients with fillings when their natural teeth require being removed as they might have decayed. Tooth decay is the result of cavity and plaque accumulation. Once the tooth has been damaged, they will have to be extracted in order to place the new set of teeth or implant. Before placing the new set of teeth, the extracted area must be covered with a type of dental filling. These dental fillings will prevent further damage to the gums.

Earlier, before applying the fillings, the cavities were removed with the help of a drilling technology. Drilling into the teeth used to be noisy, and time-consuming. But with the improvement in science and technology, this procedure has become simple.

What are Air Abrasions?

Earlier, dental cavities were removed with the help of a drilling technology.  A new advancement in the field of dentistry has paved a way to making this procedure much easier and simpler. An innovative micro-dentistry technique known as Abrasions are used to treat tooth decay and prepare it for dental restorations.

What is the procedure?

Abrasions are more or less like sandblasting. Here, a stream of abrasive material is propelled and streamed onto the surface of decay. The drilled area will then be covered with the help of a filling. 

First, the decayed teeth will be separated from the others with the help of damp cotton balls. With special care, a stream of compressed air will be sprayed onto the decayed teeth. The particles that are sprayed includes aluminum oxide and silica. This technology has proven to be noiseless, comfortable, non-irritating, and simpler.

This procedure does not involve the need for dental sedatives. Hence, your dentist will be able to remove the decay from more than one tooth in one sitting. 

Why choose Air Abrasions?

We recommend abrasions as they are more comfortable than drillings. They are far better than the traditional drilling technique. Here are some reasons why.

  • Air abrasions are soundproof, heatless, produces no noises.
  • This procedure does not require the patient to be administered with dental sedatives.
  • Abrasions will not cause much harm to the healthy tissues of the gum.
  • The procedure is less time-consuming.
  • Dentists can comfortably remove the cavities in more than one tooth.
  • Abrasions are less messy hence leaving the area dry for placing the implants.

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